aluminum composite panels

Aluminum Composite Panels

Planetperfecto offers high quality facade aluminum composite panels.
Nowadays, composite panels are very actively used all over the world for facade cladding. With its help you will be able to easily get a complex voluminous shape even on small item
It has many advantages:
• Is a durable, durable and lightweight material.
• Offers a choice of different colors.
• Has an aesthetic and sleek structure.
• High sound and heat insulation.
• Completely environmentally friendly.
• Easy to operate, install and maintain.
• Distinguished by high resistance to environmental conditions.
• Covered with a special polyester varnish that protects the painted surface from the effects of sunlight and atmospheric precipitation.
Planet perfecto offers different designs of composite panels of different colors, which ensure to meet the relevant requirements of customers of different tastes.
Price of aluminum composite panel – from 40 GEL per square meter.
On-site delivery of the material is carried out throughout Georgia.
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WPC panels

WPC panels

Planetperfecto offers high quality WPC panels for replacing wooden facades.

Recently, WPC replacement panels have become especially popular, which are cheaper than conventional wood panels and have a great technical advantage.

WPC panels are most often used for interior and exterior cladding.

One of the important advantages is its exceptional resistance to temperature changes and water. This is why WPC panels are also often used for landscaping courtyards, terraces and gardens.

Unlike other wood-based materials, WPC panels have a number of advantages:

Due to its structure and composition, it does not affect the environment, releasing toxic or harmful substances.
Its installation is very simple, easy to clean and absorbs water slowly.
Its durability is at least 15 years, during this period it does not require the cost of repairs, painting and storage.
Planet perfecto offers different designs of WPC panels in different colors to meet the current requirements of customers with different tastes.

The price of WPC panels is – from 70 to 120 GEL of wall

                                               from 120 to 160 GEL floors

On-site delivery of material is carried out throughout Georgia

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+995 591 20 99 20

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