How to create the perfect outdoor space

How to create an open space Whether we have a large yard or just a balcony, nothing compares to outdoor seating. Creating an ideal outdoor space is an art.

You will definitely need planning, the right furniture and accessories – you will turn your yard, terrace or balcony into an organic extension of your home – into one whole organism.


Decide how you will use the space

Patio, terraces and balconies are universal. Before you start designing you should definitely decide for what purpose you want to use the outdoor space.

In most cases this solution depends on the parameters: if you have a large yard, with a pond you can transform it into a multifunctional space. The smaller balcony of the apartment can mostly be used as a sitting area. Open spaces are mostly used for receiving guests, for sunbathing, for lunch and dinner space or all of the above. Think about exactly what you want to use the yard for before you buy furniture and accessories.

Think about aesthetics

The next step in preparing a design project is to decide what the unified landscape will look like. The open space should be presented as if it continues the interior of your home. It does not have to be identical to the interior of your home however it should repeat the same look and design.

For example, if you decide to design your house in an old-fashioned style, you probably will not like your patio decided in a modern, minimalist style. When you go out and feel like you are in someone else’s yard.

Start thinking about planning

If you already have or plan to purchase decor items, you can still plan the space at an early stage. Knowing how much you can plan will help you make sure you are buying furniture, accessories and various details that will be right for your design.

If you are planning to arrange a living room for guests, there are several factors to consider:

Think about how you move around in this space, as well as how guests walk from the barbecue area to the dining area and vice versa. A motion drawing should be created and planned so that it is comfortable to move between zones and not interfere with one another.

General view

What do you want to see? If you have an outdoor pool or a wonderful view, you will probably want to enjoy it, so the yard furniture should be distributed in such a way that it faces the view. If you have a fireplace around it it is essential to have seating areas to enjoy the view.

If you do not have visually perceptible details of this type, you can create it artificially to focus on it. For example: flowers, fireplace table, summer kitchen and other details.


If you have an area where you can cook in the fresh air, the path from this space to the indoor kitchen should be kept to a minimum. Since you will have to take the dishes and various accessories out of the kitchen and take them back.

Finally select the furniture



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