10 tips – to make the house look luxurious

In an ideal world we would all be able to create spaces with the help of a designer that showcase luxury and sophistication.
Unfortunately, in many cases, the reality is different and not everyone has the opportunity to get the services of a designer.
However, there are ways in which it is possible to make high-end design solutions on a low budget. With a few simple correction and styling strategic techniques you can create a space that emphasizes luxury and wealth.
We have compiled 10 tips to help you completely change the design or quickly update the interior:


                                                                                                            • Planting

You do not need a full wallet to add luxury to your space. A bouquet from the store may be just what you need. It is necessary to pay attention to how you arrange the flowers and what shape (size) you place it in Larnaca. First, separate the bouquet according to the type of stem, and then create a small composition that can be placed entirely in the house.
If it is not possible to buy a bouquet (plant) in a flower boutique or it does not suit your taste, it is easy to pick flowers, branches, cones, leaves of different colors and shapes. Create a bouquet of your choice and beautify the space.
Greenery will definitely brighten up any room.

• Pillows

   It is considered very tasteless to cover the sofa, armchairs and sofa cushions decidedly in the same color and texture.

Update the pillowcase fabric. If you have a sofa and armchairs in one color, the pillows can be printed, with floral or various figure ornaments. The addition of a few tones will enliven the interior and space.
If you can not get a bright palette try light mustard, dirt pink or soft purple gamuts.

                            • Curtain

Many luxurious and expensive houses have high ceilings and therefore the house is highly lit by natural light. When there is no possibility of this we must deceive the eye. The curtain should be hung as close to the ceiling as possible and not directly above the window frame. This allows us to display higher ceilings and give the space a luxurious look.


• Disorder

Clutter and clutter are not really stylish. It is one thing to have shelves full of books but too many items in the room create a cheap and chaotic look.
Fill the shelves, pumps with only the essentials that you use on a daily basis. Keep the rest in storage. This will make the space look more classic.
Organizing spaces makes you feel better both mentally and physically – this is scientifically proven.

• Walls

Nothing so gives a cozy and casual environment as perfectly painted walls. Win the roller and paint, it’s time to refresh the wall color. Painting even one wall in a room is a simple trifle that will make a big impact in any space. Nothing is more beautiful than the transformational effect of white walls or a dove-colored living room.

• Decorate all the spaces

Most professionally decorated spaces emphasize the art of styling. Once you change the decorative accessories to your taste make sure they are moderately distributed in all the rooms.
Give your furniture an elf in simple ways, it will skillfully change the style and leave a very luxurious impression.

• Carpet

The carpet provides a static, motionless state of the furniture. It may not combine everything but it will create coziness and bring the design into one state. The carpet adds the necessary warmth, texture and color and the larger it is (and the more furniture you can comfortably place on it) the more luxurious it will look.


• Light

With the help of a lamp you will be able to bring the desired color to the room. A modern lamp will help to organize the dimensions: increase (light) or subtract (darken)


• Set of accessories

While I recommend avoiding a lot of accessories, nothing looks so appealing, creating cleanliness and elegance like matching kits in the kitchen and bathroom. The same accessories for example: soap dispenser and napkin storage enhance the uniform look.


• Window

Many sellers offer options for arranging the space under the window pane, materials and installation taking into account the size and specifications of the window.
You can use this space practically. Make shelves, seating angles for window size and your desire.

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