Домики подсолнечника


These amazing sunflower houses are designed and built to follow the direct rays of the sun.

This beautiful and unique house design was created by Australian architect Koichi Takada and like a sunflower it follows the sun’s rays. Located in Le Marc, Italy. The building is designed for one family and is built to store green energy.

It is a well-known fact that sunflowers move throughout the day in such a way as to attract maximum light from the sun. Le Marsh’s house has the same idea and uses it in the architecture of the house, an approach called “biomimics”. The house is built with rotating floors and a rotating roof, with sensors that receive the direction of sunlight throughout the day, the roof and floors moving to attract the greatest amount of sunlight.

The house is “powered” by solar energy, the house’s rotating function allows solar panels to generate 40% more energy than would be possible in a static state. In fact, the house is so energy efficient that much of what is collected can be returned to the power grid. The positive ecological footprint of the house does not stop here, it also has rainwater collection to save water waste and a natural ventilation system to reduce the energy consumed by the air conditioner.

Takada and his team hope that many homes will be built in this “sunflower style” in the future, and that eventually a whole collage of eco-friendly homes will help create an eco-friendly environment in the world.